Harbour will be Completed

The Council holds a bond of at least €5m to ensure completion of the project. This is more than enough to provide the public square and 5 free clubhouses for anglers, sailors, rowers, Sea Scouts and divers. However the bond  is not exercisable until 2014. I am working to ensure that these Community facilities will be completed long before then in conjunction with the much needed Medical Centre but at least we have a backstop date.

When open it will be seen by most as the best Community Harbour in Ireland or Britain.

I have worked on the project for over 12 years and am very keen to get the hoarding down as soon as possible. The delay is frustrating but it should be seen in the context of the over 100 years that Greystones has been trying to get the harbour rebuilt. This very fine harbour has now been built.
Unfortunately continuous objections have significantly delayed the project.

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