Greystones harbour. Council writes to NAMA urging quick decision.

Greystones Town Council is to write to NAMA urging them to make an urgent decision to fund the next stage of the harbour PPP so that the hoardings can come down as soon as possible. Cllr Derek Mitchell (FG) said that ‘it is in the interest of the town to get the hoardings down and the HSE Primary Care medical facility open quickly. Phaze 2 should cover its costs and allow the market for apartments to be tested and thus be in NAMAs interest. A quick decision is needed.’

The sea walls and marine works are complete resulting in an excellent harbour. Greystones has been trying to get a proper harbour for over a 100 years and it is frustrating that we can now see it but can’t use it properly.

Phase 2 (Medical Centre, 11 apartments, public square and 5 free clubhouses) needs funding from NAMA. The developer applied in mid February. The 4 storey medical centre is let to the HSE so this phase should cover its costs and I think it will get funding, however NAMA could take time to make this decision. Phase 2 will take 12 months to build and many of the hoardings will be needed during construction to stop dirt and noise. If NAMA does not supply funding then some of the hoardings can come down. Because a different solution is needed for each result the loan decision is urgently awaited.

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