Concern at Charlesland Pedestrian Lights not working

Cllr Derek Mitchell expressed concern that the pedestrian lights beside the swimming pool have not been working for many months. This is a busy crossing and pedestrians are having trouble crossing the road safely. The problem is that the road has not been taken over by the Council and the developer is responsible even though Charlesland has been completed for five years.

The Council is trying to take it over but is waiting for the lights to be fixed and surface water problems addressed. The Council will have a final snag list ready to give to the developer for The Spine Road in Charlesland in a week. These are to be fixed and 6 pedestrian crossings added including one with traffic lights near SuperQuinn. Part of the developers bank bond is to be released back to him when all these snags are fixed and both roads will be ‘taken in charge’ by the Council.

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