Concern that Labour Party trying to delay Greystones Harbour completion.

The Council recently agreed to change the Plan by adding 34 houses at the North end. This was done in order to assist the developer to get NAMA to provide funding for the next phase: the Medical Centre, Public Square, 5 free clubhouses and taking down the Hoardings. The Labour Party Councillors, including Councillor Fortune, were the only ones to vote against this.

Also an ex Labour Councillor, Fiachra Etchingham, is the only person to have appealed this decision to Bord Pleanala who may not give a decision by June. This is likely to delay NAMA provide funding , consequently delaying the clearing of the hoardings. I am amazed that Cllr. Fortune is now trying to claim credit for the probability of the hoardings come down this year when Labour have tried to delay it.

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