Toll on M50 will harm Wicklow jobs unless trucks allowed direct access to Dublin Port from the N11 in Sandymount.

The Minister for Transport has said he plans to introduce more tolls on the M50. The existing ban on HGVs going from Wicklow on the N11to Dublin Port, the main National Port, forces them to use the M50 and doubles the mileage from Wicklow to Dublin Port thus doubling the cost of bringing goods to Wicklow. Introducing more tolls on the M50 will make transporting Wicklow goods more expensive.

If the extra tolls are introduced then direct access from Dublin Port to the N11 should be restored through Sandymount.

Motorists pay a very high road licence tax in Ireland and tolls should only be used to finance new roads not as a form of extra taxation in addition to this. Also introducing tolls will push traffic onto local roads instead of the motorways where it causes less disruption. This is why Orbital motorways around cities are not tolled in most countries.

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