Parking for LUAS should have been provided at Loughlinstown.

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Crazy that LUAS extension has no Parking. Should be provided at Loughlinstown

It is crazy that the just opened LUAS extension to Cherrywood has no place to park. Motorists must go to the overcrowded Park n’ Ride at Sandyford!! I took the LUAS on Sunday and was amazed at the lack of parking, which is very bad planning.

The Luas should have gone a couple of 100 metres more South across the old rail bridge at Loughlinstown where a Park and Ride should have been provided on state land at the rear of Loughlinstown Hospital and direct access provided from the M11. Unfortunately only the interests of developers were taken into account with little thought for commuters.

When the DART was extended to Greystones in the 90’s I suggested that a Car Park was opened on Council land and until recently these 450 spaces were the largest Park n’ Ride site in Ireland.


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