IDA land Greystones

The IDA is asking to change the planning status of its 70 acres in Greystones which is zoned for industry. They have owned this land for 25 years but have ignored it and produced no jobs on it. The present work on the site putting in roads, telecoms and other services is very positive.

I believe that the next secondary school, which will be needed in a couple of years, should be on this site next to Charlesland where many young children live. I have asked the Council to leave a third of the site zoned for IDA type companies and allow general light industry on the rest. No shopping should be allowed as there is enough land zoned for this elsewhere.

There was a public right of way from Burnaby Mill to the passage between the Woodland and the sewerage works which has become obliterated. I have asked for this to be listed in the variation as it will form a walkway to the DART.

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