Greystones Harbour Walls near completion. Pictures on Display

Cllr. Derek Mitchell said that many people have spoken to him about their concerns that the harbour will not be completed. The developers are working till midnight to complete all marine works by October 2010, only 6 months away.

Then work will start on the first block for a semi commercial tenant, subject to planning and completing contract issues. This will take a year and then most hoardings will come down and the public square will be open possibly with temporary surfaces. Unfortunately the realities of the post Celtic Tiger mean that the clubhouses and homes will be delayed. However the developer is bound by contract to complete them by 2014.

The Council has spent virtually no taxpayers money and has got an excellent harbour built. Contrast this with the high flying Dublin Docklands Authority which has spent €200+m of public Money and achieved nothing! This is good Public project management.

If any group or organisation wants more information I would be happy to speak to them, just phone me. I have an interesting picture presentation which I can give to any group and is also on my website. The aerial photos are the only way to appreciate the scale of the work which has been done.

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