IDA to start work on Greystones Site but no provision for Charlesland School

The IDA presented its plan for its 80 acre site to Greystones Town Council on Wednesday. They intend to develop the section next to Charlesland by putting in a road next January and seeking tenants. The next section they intend to sell off to a developer of Industrial sites and at Mill Road they want to rezone for Town Centre which would allow a Shopping Centre.

The IDA has owned this site for 25 years and has done nothing with it except grow grass. There has been no political will to provide jobs in Greystones. I welcome the IDA deciding to do something to create jobs on the site.

A long time ago I asked that 11 acres, next to Charlesland, would be reserved for a new Secondary School. I am extremely disappointed that the IDA have ignored this and are to build on it. They should reserve a site for a school next to Charlesland and develop jobs on the other 2 sections and not rezone for a shopping centre. ‘I told the IDA that I was opposed to the plan unless land was reserved for a school’

The town has expanded 40% over the last 5 years and there are many new children in the 2,000 new homes in Charlesland and Eden Gate. The current site for a new Secondary school is by Lidl, the opposite end of the town with poor cycle and pedestrian access. Also there are 2 Primary Schools there and traffic congestion will be a problem. Only 35% of Secondary Students attend school within the town which adds to the need for a new school. I was disappointed that no other Councillor supported locating the school where demand is greatest and that Cllr. Stokes (Labour) said we did not need a new school and that the Lidl site was appropriate if one was needed.

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