New Draft Wicklow Development Plan population targets for Greystones wrong

The Draft of the next County Development Plan has been circulated to Councillors for decision in September. I have done as study of the new houses in the area and the population figures in the Plan greatly underestimate the growth that has already taken place in Greystones. The last accurate population figure of 14,600 was the 2006 Census, but since then a large number of houses have been completed and occupied and many are being built now and these have almost been ignored in the population estimates.

The allocation of resources such as schools, water, leisure facilities, sewerage processing, roads, public transport etc. is decided based on the population. Getting the population wrong means not enough of these facilities will be provided. I have written to the Planners asking for the Plan to be amended to provide better population estimates.

In 2010 the Plan states the population will be 16,000 yet I know that houses currently completed will provide a figure 2,000 higher. For 2016 the Plan target of 19,500 will be massively exceeded and 23,000 should be the planned figure.

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