Greystones to try to be a Smarter Travel Area. Walking and cycling to be

Wicklow County Council is to enter Greystones into a National Competition for Sustainable Travel Areas. This is designed to increase walking and cycling and reduce car usage. Nationally €50m will be allocated over 5 years to Towns which will be selected after a competition.


‘I enjoy cycling around Greystones, which helps with my fitness, and want to see facilities provided to encourage more people to use bikes instead of cars. I particularly think that children should be encouraged to cycle or walk to school at it helps their fitness and independence and reduces the serious parking problems at our schools’


I have asked for more secure and covered bicycle parking to be provided at the station, in Burnaby Park and at schools and for bus shelters with attached cycle parking. The edges of some roads, such as Church Road are very uneven which means cyclists must swerve, and this needs improvement.


Ireland is 96% dependent on the car for transport, the highest in Europe. Also a high % of the population are obese and walking and cycling to work and school will help.


Engineer Ruari O’Hanlon is preparing the submission to the competition by the end of September. I urge those with ideas of what can be done in Greystones let myself or the Town Council know so that good ideas can be put into the submission.

Smarter Travel

Smarter Travel

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