Mitchell confident harbour will be completed

Some candidates in the elections have been spreading alarm about the Visionary Project. I am confident it will be completed because:

  • 6 Years ago I arranged that the Council would employ a top lawyer on this complex project and the selection criteria included considering the financial strength of the bidders. The Council is in a strong position because of this preparation.
  • We expect to open the harbour, marine clubs, public slipways and public square in the Autumn 2010 and the Southern half of the hoardings will come down then.
  • Work is now going to be done on two shifts, working till midnight, over the Summer to try to complete most of the outer wall before Winter when bigger waves make it more difficult. This is not the mark of a contract that is not proceeding.
  • There is a €10m bond in place to ensure completion. 
  • October 2014 is the date when all work must be completed according to the contract. The boardwalk and homes could be mothballed for 2 years and still fit within that deadline however the developer is likely to want to get money back.

The recently issued Notice to Mariners from the Department of Transport states that the breakwater will be completed by Summer 2010.

Further up to date details are on my website There are also good graphic images of the future and past harbour.

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