Council loses money for Kilcoole Path

The footpath from Holywell Estate in Kilcoole needs completing to the village. The path outside Holywell is good but people must now walk in the busy and narrow Sea Road for a short section and it is dangerous. A condition of the Planning Permission was that €37,000 should be paid by the developer to the Council so they could complete the path.

I have been asking the Council for a month whether this money was received and where is it now but can’t get an answer. This money must now be found and the path completed this year. We need to encourage safe walking and I have ensured that it is an objective to provide a path from Kilcoole to the station. This would complete the first section.

€86,000 is also to be paid by the developer for community facilities and I want this used to fund a children’s playground on Sea Road on some land which has been offered to the Council. 

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