Work for Newcastle

I have been canvassing for No. 1 votes and some people asked what I had done for Newcastle:

In the Past.


  • Footpath from village to School.
    • Spent 9 years pressing for his to be done and finally it is. The road has also been strengthened.
  • Children’s Playground.
    • Helped Community Centre initiate this.
  • Voted against Large Development on Sea Road.
    • This was inserted in the Plan 5 years ago and I voted and campaigned against it. It was then deleted.
  • Airfield.
    • Helped initiate planning enforcement action against its creeping expansion. There have been 2 adjourned Court Cases so far. I want them to apply for planning permission, like anyone else, so appropriate safeguards for the residents and the nature area can be put in place. I do not want it to grow by stealth into another Weston aerodrome.



In Future.


  • Road to N11.
    • Some years ago I got this listed as a ‘Road for Improvement’. Some funding was granted this year but it now seems to have been withdrawn. I will be following this up and pressing in future years.
  • Busses.
    • I will be pressing for a more frequent bus service to connect to the DART.
  • Speed bumps.
    • More effective ones are needed.
  • M50/N11 Traffic Jams.
    • There are large traffic jams in both directions at rush hour as the road is carrying 1.7 times the amount it was designed for. I am concerned that it will seize up.
    • There is a plan to build a new large town (7,000 people, 16,000 jobs)!! at Fassaroe. I opposed the plan unless the N11 is expanded and this has now been inserted as a condition.
  • Footpath and road strengthening from the village to the school finally complete.

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