Submission to Parking Regulation Review Greystones

Councillor Derek Mitchell, Cathaoirleach, Wicklow County Council,
Kiltoorish, Manor Avenue, Greystones, Co. Wicklow.
Phone/Fax 01-2874115(H), 087-2574969, 9th April 2009

Myra Porter
Greystones Town Clerk.

Greystones Parking Regulations.

I would like the following changes:

1. Bowling Club. A bowls match can take 4 hours and some of the people are elderly and have to carry the heavy bowls. We should facilitate them. I am told that in Bray they pay for 2 hours and with a window membership card they are allowed a further 2 hours free. I am also told that at Herbert Park something similar applies possibly without payment. Something like that should be introduced. At a minimum the road outside and all Whitshed Road should be 4 hour parking.
2. I think that the hours should be from 1000 to 1800. This would allow early shoppers to park free thus encouraging trade without blocking up the spaces with all day parkers. This should assist business turnover. In the longer term it would allow just one shift, cutting the cost of enforcement.
3. Also the 4 hour should go to 5 hour to allow more time. Especially when the other parks are closed for the Summer to all day parking.
4. Parking around Holy Rosary Church. Mass and funerals frequently overflow the car parks. Starting the charging at 12.00 would seem sensible.
5. Parking on seafront. Many come for a short walk or swim and it is a pity to make them pay. Can the first hour be free here. It should not be necessary to have restrictions on Saturday mornings beside the sea.
6. Bellevue Park. I am happy to have what the Residents want here.
7. Heathervue. The houses at the 1st entrance have problems with doctor’s customers parking over their entrances. Double yellow lines over the house entrances should stop this. Inside the estate the 1st left turn attracts all day parking from shopworkers. Double lines here should stop that.

Points Made Before but not implemented.

1. Burnaby. There are too many poles giving clutter in this historic Architectural Conservation Area. Also the blue signs ‘have you paid’ are not needed now and should be taken down.
2. Mark O’Hare. Kimberley Road. Can a parking space be moved to his side of the road to assist him.
3. Tyre business Eden Road. The parking restrictions have created difficulties for it and I don’t think that the proposals will assist them. Some other solution is needed.
4. Portland Place. The residents have a problem with no parking. The road is very quiet, can they be allowed to park on the path as walking on the road is fairly safe.

Yours sincerely

Derek Mitchell

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