Row over Council fencing Rugby Club Land

Greystones Rugby Club is annoyed that the Council has fenced off a piece of land used by the Club. I raised this at the Town Council and The Town Manager, Sean Quirke, stated that the Council owned the land as it was not part of the land leased to the club 5 or more years ago. ‘However the club juniors sometimes use it and the Club has fenced and maintained the land for many years and it has looked well’. This has also kept campers off it. This is in complete contrast to the Councils own land which has broken fencing and looks like a wilderness. I believe the Club should be paid for this maintenance and allowed to use it until something is done with it. Many times I have asked the officials to fence and maintain the land on the Charlesland dual carriageway but nothing was done and it is still an unfenced wilderness. 

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