Potholes to get Worse, Bureaucracy gets worse, Government Cuts some Road Schemes

Earlier in the year the Government withdrew funding for approved road schemes and it has just restored funding for some of them.

The funding for rebuilding Ballysmutten Bridge has been halved and it’s unclear how it can be rebuilt with half the funds. This attractive old iron bridge over the Liffey at a beautiful spot by Kippure collapsed months ago and major diversions are in place.

Funding for the R761 Killincarrick improvements has been halved. This road has been in bad condition for some years and the heavy harbour traffic has made it worse and I don’t know how it can be done with half the funds. Residents have major problems with it.

Funds to restore poor road surfaces and also to improve road signage have also been halved and funds to strengthen many bridges withdrawn.

Funding for the Wicklow Port Access Road has been retained. Also €370,000 funding for the Newcastle-N11 road and Greystones Footpath improvements has been retained.

It is difficult for engineers to get all this work done by December when they are only informed in April especially as every contract must now be specifically approved by the Department of Finance under a new rule. This ties up valuable engineers in yet more bureaucracy when they should be building the roads.


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