New Secondary School should be in Charlesland

Because the town has expanded by 40% in the last 5 years another secondary school is needed in Greystones in a couple of years. A site near Lidl has been identified for it, however I think that a site on the IDA land in Charlesland would be better because it is near ready made sports facilities at the Swimming Pool, Community Centre and Recreation Park. There are also very good cycle lanes and footpaths to the site at Charlesland which is more sustainable. The IDA, having failed to attract jobs in the 25 years they have had this wonderful site, are thinking of selling part of their site. I am pressing them to sell part for this school.

I analysed the 2006 Census figures and these showed that more than half secondary school children go to school in Bray and Dublin. Far more children take the train to school than any other place in Ireland. In order to attract these children to school in the town the type of school must be attractive to them. I think an Educate Together School has the best chance of attracting these pupils to Greystones.


You can view Cllr. Mitchell’s study on projected required school places by clicking HERE

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