New Educate Together and Gaelscoile Primary Schools


The population has expanded greatly over the last 5 years. In 2007 I did a study which showed that an extra 32 primary school classrooms and teachers would be needed by 2015. Much pressure was exerted on the Department of Education and the result is that an Educate Together and Gaelscoile have opened in September 2008 by Lidl. These have 8 classrooms each and can be expanded to 16 later. The Department built them in 3 months from the time they started digging which must be a record! We were very sceptical in May that it could possibly be ready in time. Congratulations to the 2 Voluntary groups which lobbied and raised funds to get the schools going. It was pleasing to be able to help them on some issues.

There is a 12 acre site next to them zoned for a Secondary School. This can be built as needed when the children are older, which will be some years away. Greystones has enough land zoned for Education for the next 20 years. The Councillors zoned this land for education and have made these schools available for our expanding population before a crisis developed.

You can view Cllr. Mitchell’s study on projected required school places by clicking HERE 




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