Redford Flooding Remedial Work

Last August, following very heavy rain, Greystones had more flooding than anywhere else in Wicklow. There was considerable flooding at some houses in Redford Park. In most cases this was due to large amounts of water coming down Lr. Templecarrick Road as the drains were small or blocked. At Redford a wall fell down under pressure of water build up and this sudden flood caused problems. Since then the Council has worked to try to ensure that the water gets into and stays in the stream.

Culverts have been cleared, double gullies installed on Templecarrick Road, Bray Road and Redford Park. I have spoken to some landowners and they have confirmed this has been done and that more has been cleared than for some decades. In April extra gullies are to be installed in the Bray Road at the ‘Dip’ and piped, with the farmers agreement, to the stream. The owners of the fallen wall have been asked to ensure that drains are built into the hoarding or any new wall to prevent water build up.

Drains and gullies have also been cleared at the other end close to Lidl both within Redford Park and above it.

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