Charlesland Builder still liable to Build Greystones Enterprise Centre and provide recycling centre site.

Last week Bord Pleanala turned down a large Shopping Centre in Greystones but granted permission for houses, offices, enterprise units and a petrol station. In December 2006 when the Council rezoned the site the developer signed an agreement which required him to donate a 3,000 sq.m. Enterprise centre and a site for a recycling centre to the town. Also it allowed the State to buy a site for a Primary School and a Garda Station.

I have checked this agreement and consider that he is still liable to provide these facilities. The recycling site is due to be handed over 3 months after planning permission was received and the Enterprise Centre before any houses are occupied. The Enterprise Centre is badly needed for start up businesses. I have asked the County Manager to pursue the developer to ensure that he produces these facilities.

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