Speech at launch of ‘Newcastle Down the Years’

As Cathaoirleach of Wicklow County Council I am delighted to have been asked to launch this interesting book on the history of Newcastle.

It is difficult to envisage that from 1180 to 1542 Newcastle was a very important place as it was a fortified military and judicial centre of what became to County of Wicklow in 1606. Three kings (Richard 2, Charles 1, James 2) all stayed here. This town was based around the Church, Royal Castle and Leabeg Lane, then known as the ‘Kings Way’ to Wicklow Town. The town had 2 streets with shops and several avenues of houses. Later it became a quieter place.

I think Newcastle is now a very pleasant place and I congratulate the Residents’ Association for this initiative in launching this book during Heritage Week, supported by the County Councils’ Heritage Plan and the Heritage Council. I also think that Association’s running the Community Centre for many years has contributed greatly to the sense of community. The Association also made a valuable contribution to the Plan for the village.
Especial thanks to Canon Jennings who must have put in many, many hours researching and writing it. He has also written about 10 other books on the history the surrounding area.

I have pleasure in launching the book

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