Potential need for extra Primary School Capacity

Report by: Cllr. Derek Mitchell, Mayor Greystones. March 2007. (087-2574969)

During discussions on the school site at Charlesland it struck me that building an 800 person school on
the 5 acre site and moving the 350 person St Brigits school onto it would only increase primary school
capacity by 450 people. I wondered whether this would be enough bearing in mind that the town expanded
from 12,000 population in 2002 to 17,000 in 2007. 20,000 can be expected by 2010.
Also there about 1,500 people in surrounding ares of Kilpeddar, Willow Grove, Templecarrick and Bray Head.
By 2010 21,500 need to be catered for. A further expansion of Greystones/Delgany of 2,000
is projected to 2016.

At least 31 extra classrooms catering for 775 pupils are needed by 2010,
only 3 years ahead. This is in addittion to St. Brigit’s.


Calculation of required school places: 

Calculation of School Places

Calculation of School Places


School Sites.

The 5 acre site at Charlesland will allow a large school probably with sports facilities. It is on good footpaths,
cyclepaths and a bus service which will be improved. Children in the 1,600 homes in Charlesland will be able to
walk without crossing a busy road. Those in Eden Gate have only one busy road to cross. This should
encourage walking and cycling to school. Discouraging driving to school is a major social and environmental
bonus. It is a very good site for those in South Greystones and is close to the 20 acre sports ground.
Council policy is to locate schools where ‘they best serve areas of recent and future growth’

It is not a good site for those in the Centre of town as it is a long distance. The school land zoned in Blacklion
is on the edge of town which will have little growth, has poor footpath and bad cycle access. Pupils will be driven.
A school should be retained in the centre of town where it can be easily accessed by foot and public transport.
It is also socially desirable to have young families in the centre so it does not become primarily an area for
elderly people. The present site of St. Brigit’s is very cramped and either needs to be extended with
substantial rebuilding or moved to a new central site.

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