Mitchell against any further rezoning in Greystones

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I will be voting against any further rezoning in Greystones or Kilcoole in the next Development Plan. They are building everywhere but the road and transport improvements have not happened. In 2015 I proposed, at a Council meeting on the Development Plan, that this expansion should be dependent on the N11 and Public Transport being improved. This was heavily defeated and only Cllr. Grainne McLoughlin (FG) of the 6 Local Councillors supported this. The transport chaos that is happening is a direct result. Most Councillors don’t seem to understand the…

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Jacobs Engineering says Cllr Mitchells plan for extra Greystones DARTs is feasible

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I wrote a paper in 2018 on how to increase the frequency on the single track from 30 to every 20 minutes. This was based on partially double tracking the line, without the need for an expensive tunnel through Bray Head. This was ignored by Irish Rail but the NTA asked Jacobs Engineering to study how to do this. I received their report in May and they consider the idea is feasible, as is a 20 minute service and a quicker journey time. This is subject to some further analysis…

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Greystones badly needs Charging points for electric cars

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Greystones, population 20,000, is probably the largest town in Ireland without any public charging points. They were to be installed a few years ago but by the time Bord Pleanala had decided the objection was valid the scheme was finished and it was too late to move to a different site. A scheme to upgrade the ones in other towns will not cover Greystones, if you don’t have it, you cant get it, A Catch 22 situation! I have written to Minister Bruton and asked for this to be sorted…

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Mitchell wants plan for Greystones Greenroute

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I am calling on the Council to produce a plan for the Greenroute along the Three Trout Stream  from the sea to Delgany. This should form an attractive walk and has been an objective for decades. There are various suggestions that individual developments will produce sections of it. An overall plan dealing with lighting, security, biodiversity etc. is needed so that it joins up in a coherent way. I am asking the Council to produce this plan so that each section which is developed fits in to a plan.

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Work on La Touche stops

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Work has been going on for a year building 22 new houses in the grounds of the La Touche Hotel Greystones and converting the original shell of it to 5 terraced houses. The new houses are quite far advanced and significant structural work has been done on the old building, but about 3 weeks ago work stopped and there is nobody on the site. The building, the most prominent in the town, has been derelict for a decade and an eyesore and we were all hoping the long saga was…

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Greystones/Kilcoole infrastructure suffers as Development Levies spent elsewhere

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The Councils Capital Budget for the next 3 years was discussed at Mondays meeting. Most is spent on housing and most funds come from Government. €10m comes from Levies on Development which is spent on Roads and Amenities. My concern is that they are building everywhere in Greystones & Kilcoole, probably 800 homes at the moment, and there is an urgent need for roads, paths and amenity facilities. However the Plan only allocates 4% of road spending and 7% of Amenity spending to the Greystones area even though at least…

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National Transport Agency outlines plans for Wicklow

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NTA Chief Executive Ann Graham gave a good presentation to the Council meeting on 4th March outlining the problems and the NTAs solutions. On the railway the single line track around Bray Head is a major problem. I wrote a report in February 2018 suggesting partial double tracking as a way of providing 50% more DARTs to Greystones. This was ignored by Irish Rail but the NTA has got international rail experts involved, who will report by the end of March whether this is feasible. Looking forward to report. More trains…

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Metro must be reinstated to Sandyford and go further towards Wicklow

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The Irish Times reported that the Metro is to be cancelled to Sandyford. At present the Green Luas line is very overcrowded at rush hour, people can’t get on, and the much higher capacity Metro is needed. The new large town of Cherrywood is being built on the Luas and the very overcrowded M50/N11. In future the Luas is planned to be extended to Bray.  The Metro must be extended to Sandyford, as was planned, and further otherwise the existing Luas will be utterly full. The Metro should end in…

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Mitchell pleased with meeting with NTA

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Greystones Councillors met on Monday with the National Transport Authority who are responsible for bus and train services. Cllr Derek Mitchell said ‘I was pleased with a very good and open discussion about the problems of Greystones & Kilcoole District. This was better than letters which I felt were more arrogant and I now feel they were taking our problems seriously. We went through a detailed list of rail and bus improvements which we requested.’ The Interim result of a study of providing more DARTs, every 20 instead of 30…

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