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Charlesland Shuttle Bus Causes Concern in the Burnaby

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Residents of Killincarrick Road in the Burnaby have asked Local Election candidates to commit to banning the Charlesland Shuttlebus from using the road because of the noise. I do not know why it goes that way and whether it needs to. I am a very firm and longstanding supporter of Public Transport, having campaigned for the DART for 22 years, and it is essential that Charlesland Residents can get to the DART as easily as possible. I am reluctant to ban Public Transport. I have told them that I will…

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Delgany By-Pass

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This short stretch of road will join Delgany Wood to Convent Road and will cut down traffic in Delgany village. It has been planned for 25 years and forms a vital link in the road layout. The Council is short of money and in September it was doubtful that it would go ahead. I felt that if it was needed 25 years ago it was needed even more now as the population has at least doubled since then. I pushed hard to get it started and am glad work has…

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Pedestrians at Risk

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  Recent works on the R762 close to Delgany National school have narrowed the footpath and made it less safe for walkers especially children walking to school. The path lacks an edge and it merges into the narrow road. The third stage of the Delgany Traffic Calming works is to deal with this and I am calling for this to be immediately implemented as we have been waiting too long for it.

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Eden Gate – Public Transport 84x Bus

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A number of people have mentioned the poor public transport to Eden Gate. This is a problem. However the 84x provides a surprisingly fast service to Dublin. Following pressure there are now 10 services in the morning rush hour and it stops at Eden Wood. I am also pressing for: • More jobs in Greystones to reduce the need to commute. • A primary school in Charlesland.

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M50/N11 Traffic Jams

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There are large traffic jams on this in both directions at rush hour because the road is carrying 1.75 times the amount it was designed for. I am concerned that it will seize up. Nobody was paying any attention to this. During my year as Cathaoirleach I have raised this many times and think that it is now a project which will get studied when funding improves. There is a draft plan to build a new large town (7,000 people, 16,000 jobs)!! at Fassaroe. I opposed this plan unless the…

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More DARTs Coming

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I campaigned for 22 years, together with Cllr. George Jones, to get the DART to Greystones and have continued to press for more trains. I tried to meet the Chairman of CIE about a long-term plan, unfortunately he did not agree to meet but he said that he will consider providing extra DARTs. Irish Rail have just informed us that they are hoping to provide a regular service to Greystones every half hour, at a fixed time after the hour, from October. This includes filling the current gap from 8.30…

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