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La Touche improvement works to start in 2 weeks

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The architect responsible for work on the building has told the Council that improvement work will start by the middle of November. This will make the building less unsafe and less unsightly than at present. It will involve painting the building, replacing the decrepit hoarding with better fencing and repairing leaks. I welcome this as it has been a struggle of many years to get a derelict site order on it, but that process has forced the landowner, ultimately NAMA, to get going. This work will not be a reconstruction…

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NAMA gives some hope Greystones Harbour Medical Centre will be started

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NAMA has replied to Greystones Town Council and stated that they are currently discussing funding for Phase 2 with the developer. While they give no indication of a decision they ‘are expecting that the matter will be brought to a conclusion within weeks’. The letter was in reply to a letter from the Town Council which was also pursued by Ann Ferris T.D. I am pleased that this is being brought to a conclusion after some years of delay and hope for a favourable decision so that construction can start…

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IDA land Greystones

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The IDA is asking to change the planning status of its 70 acres in Greystones which is zoned for industry. They have owned this land for 25 years but have ignored it and produced no jobs on it. The present work on the site putting in roads, telecoms and other services is very positive. I believe that the next secondary school, which will be needed in a couple of years, should be on this site next to Charlesland where many young children live. I have asked the Council to leave…

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Greystones Harbour Health Centre expected in 2011

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Sispar, who are building the harbour, stated that the marine works are still on target to be completed this October and building the Medical centre will start then provided Wicklow Council vote for it in September. Completion is expected late in 2011. It is hoped to build the Public Square, Clubhouses and take down the hoardings by the same time. Because of this building it is unlikely that the marina can open until early 2012 as land access will be across the building site. Sispar is keen to add up…

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IDA to start work on Greystones Site but no provision for Charlesland School

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The IDA presented its plan for its 80 acre site to Greystones Town Council on Wednesday. They intend to develop the section next to Charlesland by putting in a road next January and seeking tenants. The next section they intend to sell off to a developer of Industrial sites and at Mill Road they want to rezone for Town Centre which would allow a Shopping Centre. The IDA has owned this site for 25 years and has done nothing with it except grow grass. There has been no political will…

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Ratepayers to subsidise Government Deficit

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8th April, 2009 Mark Felton, President Greystones Chamber of Commerce. Dear Mark, Ratepayers to subsidise Government Deficit The Government has instructed Local Authorities to hand back all the pension levy to the Government. This will increase rates next year. In my view the savings, in proportion to the amount of wages paid by rates, should be kept by the Council and rates reduced next year. In Wicklow’s case 40% of wages are paid by rates and this would result in about a 5% reduction in rates next year. Instead the…

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