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Offshore Windfarm progress welcome but concern about visual impact of Bray & Kish Bank ones

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I welcome today’s announcement that 7 projects are decided as Relevant Projects to move forward to the next consent stage. We need to use the wind resources to save carbon. However I am concerned about the visual impact of the Bray & Kish Bank one. The development of a large windfarm with a smaller visual effect, well out to sea, should take priority over a small one with a larger visual effect. There should be a limit to the visual effect permitted in towns. In 2005 the Codling windfarm obtained…

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Submission to Consultation Process on Marine Planning & Development Bill with reference to Offshore Renewal Energy, Marine Planning Regime and marine leisure.

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I made a submission in early January but feel more is needed after the Consultation session in Arklow where I briefly made the following points: Windfarms Visual impact. I represent the Greystones Municipal District and am concerned about the Visual Impact of proposed windfarms from the land. Particularily on large towns that face the sea and place significant emphasis on maintaining an attractive vista from promenades and piers such as Greystones & Bray. These towns have made significant investments in the seafronts and vistas. Also from coastal walks such as…

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Mitchell concerned about lack of Windfarm information

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Snippets of information appear in the news about windfarms off the Wicklow Coast. I asked the Council to find out the details of various plans and approvals, partly to see if the area could obtain a benefit from this. At the July meeting officials said the Council was not responsible for any offshore permitting and it was quite difficult to find out the status of these. So far as I know in 2005 the Codling Bank scheme obtained a foreshore licence for 220 turbines 15km from the nearest point, Greystones…

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Willow Grove flooding needs fixing

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The Old Downes Road has flooded in one place for some years but is now flooding in a second area. This makes it difficult to access the houses and people have been forced to buy 4 wheel drives. The picture shows Cllr Derek Mitchell checking the flooding recently. I have asked the Council to fix this recurring problem but it is proving a problem as there is no surface water drainage system. I have asked that soak away pits are dug.

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Offshore Wind Farm Proposal to have serious visual effect off Greystones

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DublinArray is applying for a foreshore licence for a large wind farm on the Bray and Kish Banks. ‘Normally I support environmentally friendly proposals but I am objecting to this because it will have a major negative visual effect on Greystones and the Cliff Walk’. 145 windmills 160m high are planned and the power connection is to go by undersea cable to Shangannagh. They are to be 9km from shore at the nearest. In 2005 the Codling Bank scheme obtained a foreshore licence for 220 turbines but these are 15km…

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Cllr. Mitchell demands Stephen Donnelly T.D. supports Tourism

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I am disturbed that he is issuing wrong information on the Cliff Walk which will lessen the number of tourist coming to Greystones. The Cliff Walk is popular and walkers use the restaurants. Most T.D.s support the businesses in their area and I have written to him to ask him to withdraw his press release. He stated that ‘he heard there were plans to wind the Cliff Walk in a circle back to Bray, bypassing Greystones’ This is the opposite of what is being done as the Council has recently…

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IDA land Greystones

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The IDA is asking to change the planning status of its 70 acres in Greystones which is zoned for industry. They have owned this land for 25 years but have ignored it and produced no jobs on it. The present work on the site putting in roads, telecoms and other services is very positive. I believe that the next secondary school, which will be needed in a couple of years, should be on this site next to Charlesland where many young children live. I have asked the Council to leave…

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Greystones Maintainence needs to be improved by using Unemployed people.

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6 outdoor staff of Wicklow County Council have recently retired and not been replaced because of the recruitment embargo. This is affecting the maintenance of public spaces such as flowerbeds, parks, and roadside edges. The remaining staff are concentrating on keeping the beach and central area tidy in order to maintain Blue Flag status for the beach. The Tidy Towns Group is trying to get the town tidy before the judging takes place in June. There have been a number of FAS schemes in Greystones which did very useful work…

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Charlesland Shuttle Bus Causes Concern in the Burnaby

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Residents of Killincarrick Road in the Burnaby have asked Local Election candidates to commit to banning the Charlesland Shuttlebus from using the road because of the noise. I do not know why it goes that way and whether it needs to. I am a very firm and longstanding supporter of Public Transport, having campaigned for the DART for 22 years, and it is essential that Charlesland Residents can get to the DART as easily as possible. I am reluctant to ban Public Transport. I have told them that I will…

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