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Greystones Cycle Lane Consultation

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The Council is preparing plans for cycle lanes from Mill Road to the Harbour and on to Blacklion. Also from there to Tesco to join up with the ones from Killincarrig.. They are quite extensive and were presented to the Town Council on Tuesday. I welcome efforts to make cycling safer but am concerned that they did not include plans to increase the size of the overcapacity bike park at the station nor to improve the road smoothness on Church Road. I hope these can be rectified. Other areas of…

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Pariac Keogh of Sispar hands over the keys to the new home of Greystones Rowing Club

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Mitchell welcomes Rowing Club compound ‘I am delighted to see the new facilities for the Rowing Club which they have been trying to get for 20 years. When to other 4 clubs move in there will be great action to the harbour for adults and juniors. In Ireland we have ignored the sea even though we are an island nation. This will change that in Greystones at least. It will also provide activity and interest for visitors and walkers’. Greystones Rowing Club gets great facilities The developers of Greystones Harbour,…

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Dublin Bus Improves Plan for Greystones Area

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Dublin Bus has amended its planned changes to services in North Wicklow following criticism. It is now applying to the National Transport Authority for permission to implement it. The 84, will run hourly as now but in future will go to Blackrock and this makes it more difficult for people from Newcastle and Kilcoole to get to UCD. I asked that they increase the 84x, which is a good service, to compensate and they will now increase it by a third which is a help. I have now asked them…

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Greystones Harbour. Mitchell asks Chinese to lend money to finance Health Centre

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I welcome the announcement that the Chinese Sovereign Wealth Fund, CIC, has signed an agreement with the Taoiseach and the Chinese Premier to invest significant funds in Irish projects. In February, during the visit of the expected next Chinese Premier, I wrote to the Chinese Embassy about the need for funding for this PPP which is let to the HSE and local Doctors. This would be a good investment for them. The previous funding has dried up due to the financial crisis and I am keen to get the next…

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Cllr. Mitchell demands Stephen Donnelly T.D. supports Tourism

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I am disturbed that he is issuing wrong information on the Cliff Walk which will lessen the number of tourist coming to Greystones. The Cliff Walk is popular and walkers use the restaurants. Most T.D.s support the businesses in their area and I have written to him to ask him to withdraw his press release. He stated that ‘he heard there were plans to wind the Cliff Walk in a circle back to Bray, bypassing Greystones’ This is the opposite of what is being done as the Council has recently…

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GP Out of Hours Service in Bray and Greystones a Priority 2012

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A Priority Development for 2012 is to establish a GP Out of Hours service in Bray, Greystones and Tallaght. This was announced at Tuesdays meeting of the Regional Health Forum which I attended. I very much welcome this as many people have been very concerned at the service provided from a long way away as the drivers were not always familiar with the area and English was not the first language of many of the Doctors. At a time of substantial cutbacks I am glad that this service, which is…

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Public Rights of Way need new legal standing

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The Courts have ruled that there is not a Public Right of Way on Mr. Walkers land in Enniskerry. This has taken 8 years and cost a huge amount of legal fees. There needs to be a simple system to establish and maintain these instead of the present system of uncertainty and high legal fees. In 1950 England and Wales put through laws to get these listed and imposing a degree of responsibility on Local Authorities to maintain and signpost them. We need similar legislation here so that these are…

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Cllr. Mitchell welcomes progress on Coast Guard Station

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Building the Coast Guard station at Greystones new harbour has been delayed 3 years by bureaucratic wrangling. On Monday the Minister of State for Finance, Brian Hayes T.D. met Greystones Town Council, Simon Harris, Andrew Doyle and Billy Timmins T.D’s at the harbour. He undertook to clear these issues and ensure that an invitation to Tender was issued in 2012, so that building would proceed in 2013 once the expected Coast Guard funding was in place. ‘I welcome the commitment to sorting this out; this will help in completing all…

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Council should make more efficient use of staff so Rates can be reduced.

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At the annual budget meeting of Wicklow County Council Cllr Derek Mitchell asked for a wages breakdown. This showed that the €16m spent on revenue wages was only being reduced by 1% while the Capital items wages reduced 25% to €1m. The Manager explained that capital projects had dried up and staff had been transferred to Revenue items. ‘I believe that the Council should have an efficiency gain of 5%, given the reduction in staff numbers, and this would allow a Rates reduction of 6%. We are always being told…

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Kilcoole Footpath to go Ahead on Sea Road

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Cllr Derek Mitchell has welcomed the news that the footpath from the village to Holywell is to be completed shortly. This path was part of the planning conditions of Holywell and had been built past a couple of existing houses leaving a gap at the Beachdale green area. It has just been agreed that the path will be laid over this area and a temporary wooden fence erected. The Council has agreed to erect some attractive stone pillars for this fence when further money becomes available from Holywell Development contributions….

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