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Transport Report plans LUAS to Bray, nothing for South of Greystones

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The National Transport Authority has released a vast draft plan for the Greater Dublin Region to 2035. It recommends putting the LUAS to Bray, increasing the DART frequency, bus feeder services in Bray and Greystones and more Park n’ Ride sites. However while it seems to recommend a high frequency DART service to Greystones it does not seem to allow for the single track which would not allow this. Also it makes no allowance for any extra diesel services south of Greystones. The highly complicated transport model predicts there will…

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Greystones Harbour Public Facilities and Homes to proceed

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Wicklow County Council voted, with 20 for and 3 against, on Monday to transfer land to build 358 homes to the builder who has rebuilt the wrecked harbour. In 2003 the Council agreed the plan for a Public Private Partnership where the harbour was rebuilt at no cost to the taxpayer by allowing these homes to be built mostly on reclaimed land. ‘The builder is now working fast to complete the free clubhouses for the Sea Scouts, Rowers, Divers, Sailors and Anglers and the large Public Square. Cllr Whitmore did…

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Mitchell Welcomes Delgany and Killincarrick Road and Footpath Restoration

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The road and footpath from Delgany Wood to Killincarrick are in very poor condition and I have been pressing for years to get them improved. Walking to school needs to be made safer to cut down car usage. Finally the Council has agreed to restore the surface of this stretch of road and put in a wider footpath which is height separated from the road. Major changes to the busy roundabouts at Killincarrick are also being made this Summer mainly to provide Zebra Pedestrian Crossings. I very much welcome these…

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Specialised Pothole filling truck to be used in Greystones

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At Greystones Town Council, Councillor Derek Mitchell said that many potholes appear again within a year after being filled. ‘Wicklow County Council purchased a specially equipped truck in 2008 but it had never been used in the Greystones Area though it is used extensively in the East and South of the county. This special equipment produces better compaction and the repair is supposed to last much longer.’ It was agreed that this equipment should be used in Greystones and hopefully will result in a much better job.

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Mitchell Welcomes Planning for Footpath on Sea Road, Kilcoole

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At a meeting on Monday the Area Engineer announced that he is to try to design a footpath on Sea Road, Kilcoole. The National Roads Authority is keen to provide footpaths to stations and should be willing to fund it if there is enough land for it. 3 years ago when the Kilcoole Plan was being prepared I pushed hard to get a path included in the plan as people should be able to walk safely to the station and the beach on this busy road. I am pleased there…

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Mitchell welcomes Greystones Cycle Lane Approval

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On Monday Wicklow County Council approved the two new cycle lanes from the Harbour to the South Beach and one from the Harbour to the North entrance to the town. These provide cycle lanes, improved footpaths and road surfaces. There is also a roundabout at Blacklion to replace the traffic lights and this is expected to reduce traffic congestion. Following some requests by Councillors at the last Town Council meeting changes were made including some extra parking at Blacklion. The section along the seafront to the harbour is funded and…

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Mitchell Concerned that Large Cherrywood Development will produce N11 Chaos

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Mitchell concerned that the large Cherrywood development will result in N11 Traffic Chaos. A large Shopping Centre is being planned for Cherrywood together with more offices and apartments. The Shopping Centre is 50,000 sq. m. Just a bit smaller than Dundrum. Already much of Wicklow people’s shopping is being done in Dundrum and Carrickmines. This will add to that and further congest the overcrowded N11. There is no plan to upgrade the N11 and the Luas to Bray has been indefinitely postponed. ‘If this is approved then the N11/M50 must…

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Greystones Cycle Lane Consultation

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The Council is preparing plans for cycle lanes from Mill Road to the Harbour and on to Blacklion. Also from there to Tesco to join up with the ones from Killincarrig.. They are quite extensive and were presented to the Town Council on Tuesday. I welcome efforts to make cycling safer but am concerned that they did not include plans to increase the size of the overcapacity bike park at the station nor to improve the road smoothness on Church Road. I hope these can be rectified. Other areas of…

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