Mitchell concerned about lack of Windfarm information

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Snippets of information appear in the news about windfarms off the Wicklow Coast. I asked the Council to find out the details of various plans and approvals, partly to see if the area could obtain a benefit from this. At the July meeting officials said the Council was not responsible for any offshore permitting and it was quite difficult to find out the status of these. So far as I know in 2005 the Codling Bank scheme obtained a foreshore licence for 220 turbines 15km from the nearest point, Greystones…

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National Transport Agency outlines plans for Wicklow

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NTA Chief Executive Ann Graham gave a good presentation to the Council meeting on 4th March outlining the problems and the NTAs solutions. On the railway the single line track around Bray Head is a major problem. I wrote a report in February 2018 suggesting partial double tracking as a way of providing 50% more DARTs to Greystones. This was ignored by Irish Rail but the NTA has got international rail experts involved, who will report by the end of March whether this is feasible. Looking forward to report. More trains…

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Metro must be reinstated to Sandyford and go further towards Wicklow

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The Irish Times reported that the Metro is to be cancelled to Sandyford. At present the Green Luas line is very overcrowded at rush hour, people can’t get on, and the much higher capacity Metro is needed. The new large town of Cherrywood is being built on the Luas and the very overcrowded M50/N11. In future the Luas is planned to be extended to Bray.  The Metro must be extended to Sandyford, as was planned, and further otherwise the existing Luas will be utterly full. The Metro should end in…

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Opening wider footpath at St. Laurence’s School

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This improvement to widen the road and footpath is badly needed. Previously trucks mounted the narrow pavement when passing which was very dangerous for pedestrians walking to school. We need to encourage walking to school and this wider road and proper path will help. We now need to widen the road the remainder of the way in order to provide for people walking & cycling to the 4 large schools on it, something which has been planned for many years.

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Mitchell welcomes many more new schools for Wicklow

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Cllr Derek Mitchell, Cathaoirleach of Greystones District, welcomed the announcement of 4 new schools for Wicklow. I especially welcome the new Secondary school for Greystones & Kilcoole which I expect to be on the site zoned for this 15 years ago in Charlesland. Councillors deliberately zoned it so that it is next to excellent sports facilities including a running track, 5 a side pitches, tennis courts and a junior baseball diamond. ‘Rarely has a school been built next to such good public sports facilities’. It is targeted to open in…

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A Better Rail Service for Greystones, Kilcoole and Wicklow.

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Procurement of Refurbished and New Diesel railcars.  You are procuring improved carriages, I ask that you get them so that the doors in a limited number of carriages can be opened at short platform stations. These are normal in most other commuter railways but the IR carriages must open all doors on the train which means 8 carriages cannot be used on lines with short platforms (Kilcoole & Rathdrum for example). This will improve the service to Greystones and Wicklow by allowing longer 8 carriage trains in place of the…

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Wicklow Parking Regulations agreed

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Wicklow County Council agreed the revised parking regulations which have been discussed over the last year. The charging period will start at 10 am and end 6 pm for Greystones, Wicklow, Arklow with Bray starting at 9 am. There will be a 15 minute grace period which will be marked on the meter. Cllr Derek Mitchell (FG) said that for Greystones this will encourage early shopping and allow short term shopping. It should encourage more turnover of the spaces and be better for the shops. It was also decided not to charge for the large…

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Wicklow’s income for supplying all Dublin’s water should be re-instated

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Wicklow supplies 90% of Dublin’s water from the Roundwood and Blessington reservoirs. For 153 years either Bray and Greystones got free water under the 1861 Dublin Corporation Waterworks Act or a payment was received as compensation for this. However this stopped in 2014 due to changes in council finances and the creation of Irish Water. ‘I have prepared a paper which has drawn together these facts which we need to lobby the Government. Initially the previous grant should be reinstated and a long term fee per cu. Meter of water….

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Draft DART Timetable Changes

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To: Public Consultation TO: NTA/Irish Rail.   Draft DART Timetable Changes   I am making this submission to express my concern about the DART timetable changes for the Greystones and the Wicklow rail service. The draft timetable for 2016 shows that while there are more trains to Bray, Greystones and South Wicklow get no extra trains and the time taken will be 12% longer. To get into work at 9 in Dublin people will have to leave on the 07.30 ex Greystones instead of the 08.00 now. This timetable will…

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Transport Plan gets it wrong on Wicklow

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The recently published Draft Transport Strategy for the Dublin Region proposes that the LUAS goes to Bray which is welcome. However South of Bray the Strategy seriously understates current and future transport demand in Wicklow. Currently the roads are full and the rail line empty. The solutions planned will not work according to Cllr Derek Mitchell, Chair of the Council’s Transport Committee, who previously spent 22 years campaigning to get the DART to Greystones. ‘I counted the number of people getting on busses and trains in Greystones and it is…

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