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Wicklow Parking Regulations agreed

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Wicklow County Council agreed the revised parking regulations which have been discussed over the last year. The charging period will start at 10 am and end 6 pm for Greystones, Wicklow, Arklow with Bray starting at 9 am. There will be a 15 minute grace period which will be marked on the meter. Cllr Derek Mitchell (FG) said that for Greystones this will encourage early shopping and allow short term shopping. It should encourage more turnover of the spaces and be better for the shops. It was also decided not to charge for the large…

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Mitchell objects to even more houses before Enterprise Units in Greystones

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Cairn Homes has applied for planning permission for 192 houses in Charlesland. Councillors have zoned large amounts of land for employment but neither the IDA nor the Charlesland commercial site are being developed so there is nowhere for industry, small or large, to go. We need jobs to match the recent house expansion as we can’t all commute on the overcrowded N11 or DART. 10 years ago I wrote a paper with the Chamber of Commerce and on the need for a Community Enterprise Centre for start up businesses. These…

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Council destroys woods in Delgany in spite of Bord Pleanala conditions

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Wicklow County Council started work on flattening a site for temporary accommodation in Blackberry Lane, Delgany in complete secrecy and refuses to explain what it is doing. There was planning permission for 22 senior citizen houses but this has expired. Bord Pleanala imposed conditions that stated that before the site was developed: An archaeologist had to be employed, the boundary treatment with a close house had to be detailed, trees had to be protected with fencing, footpath details agreed, all before development started. None of this has been done. The…

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Coastguard Station in Greystones postponed

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The coastguard have told Wicklow County Council that ‘it is deemed no longer viable to pursue the development at this site due to lack of funding in meeting the requirements’. ‘I am very annoyed the Coastguard say it is not viable to build the station at this site in Greystones. The Council has given them a valuable site specially constructed on the new pier and built a special slipway for them. It is incredible that after 12 years of discussions, planning and building the harbour they pull out. I gather…

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Wicklow’s income for supplying all Dublin’s water should be re-instated

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Wicklow supplies 90% of Dublin’s water from the Roundwood and Blessington reservoirs. For 153 years either Bray and Greystones got free water under the 1861 Dublin Corporation Waterworks Act or a payment was received as compensation for this. However this stopped in 2014 due to changes in council finances and the creation of Irish Water. ‘I have prepared a paper which has drawn together these facts which we need to lobby the Government. Initially the previous grant should be reinstated and a long term fee per cu. Meter of water….

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Mitchell demands roads are improved before Lidl store is expanded

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Cllr Derek Mitchell has objected to the planning application by Lidl to expand their store in Greystones. ‘the traffic in the Blacklion area is very congested, some people tell me it can take an hour to get from Hillside to Bray, and the long delayed plans to improve the roads must be completed before this store expands and adds extra traffic’. The Council has been planning the Blacklion to Delgany Road since 1989 but it is a long way from completion. Also planned for many years are improvements to the…

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Delgany to Blacklion Road. Councillors to put pressure on officials

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I am pressing strongly to get this road included in the overall Council’s Capital Budget. A section, in picture, will open this year as part of a housing development currently with showhouses. All Greystones Councillors agreed to vote against the Capital Budget unless the remainder of this road is funded’. There are 3 pinch points on the current footpath, one of which will be eliminated when the road section opens this year. Another part can be widened within the existing width but the third will require purchase of land. Councillors…

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Mitchell objects to 89 Houses in Delgany

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A builder has applied for planning permission to build 89 houses on Bellvue Hill in Delgany. This is quite a dense development but there is no footpath from it to the village. ‘I have objected to this as it must be linked to the village by a footpath and also because this land has flooded a lot’. A major problem is that the Delgany to Blacklion Road has not been built even though it has been planned for 27 years. There are 4 schools on this road and the middle…

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Irish Rail offer little hope for Greystones on Timetable Revision

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Chris Rafferty  District DART Manager and Stephen Kane Timetable Planner attended Greystones Municipal District Meetingon Tuesday. They said that the new timetable, which provides 10 minute services from Bray, would probably come into operation after Easter but they were not finalised yet. The draft timetable showed trains taking 5.5 minutes extra time but they were not able to offer much hope on that. This meant that, to get to work in Dublin at 9 a Greystones person would have to get the 7.30 DART instead of the 8.00 at present….

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