Council destroys woods in Delgany in spite of Bord Pleanala conditions

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Wicklow County Council started work on flattening a site for temporary accommodation in Blackberry Lane, Delgany in complete secrecy and refuses to explain what it is doing. There was planning permission for 22 senior citizen houses but this has expired. Bord Pleanala imposed conditions that stated that before the site was developed: An archaeologist had to be employed, the boundary treatment with a close house had to be detailed, trees had to be protected with fencing, footpath details agreed, all before development started. None of this has been done. The…

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Delgany to Blacklion Road. Councillors to put pressure on officials

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I am pressing strongly to get this road included in the overall Council’s Capital Budget. A section, in picture, will open this year as part of a housing development currently with showhouses. All Greystones Councillors agreed to vote against the Capital Budget unless the remainder of this road is funded’. There are 3 pinch points on the current footpath, one of which will be eliminated when the road section opens this year. Another part can be widened within the existing width but the third will require purchase of land. Councillors…

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Mitchell objects to 89 Houses in Delgany

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A builder has applied for planning permission to build 89 houses on Bellvue Hill in Delgany. This is quite a dense development but there is no footpath from it to the village. ‘I have objected to this as it must be linked to the village by a footpath and also because this land has flooded a lot’. A major problem is that the Delgany to Blacklion Road has not been built even though it has been planned for 27 years. There are 4 schools on this road and the middle…

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Irish Water brings benefits to Greystones/Delgany where the previous system failed

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At Wicklow County Council’s debate on Irish Water many Councillors wanted to abolish Irish Water. Cllr Derek Mitchell said the previous system failed as the most important thing was to have water in the taps. Every Spring the water was turned off in Greystones/Delgany most evenings for a month creating hardship for business and households. Irish Water has now approved the funds for the installation of a large pump to fill the reservoir in Blackberry Lane and provided one on Bellvue Hill to provide water pressure to higher houses which…

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Mitchell Welcomes Delgany and Killincarrick Road and Footpath Restoration

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The road and footpath from Delgany Wood to Killincarrick are in very poor condition and I have been pressing for years to get them improved. Walking to school needs to be made safer to cut down car usage. Finally the Council has agreed to restore the surface of this stretch of road and put in a wider footpath which is height separated from the road. Major changes to the busy roundabouts at Killincarrick are also being made this Summer mainly to provide Zebra Pedestrian Crossings. I very much welcome these…

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Greystones Branch Launch of Local Election Campaign 2014

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To Day Sunday 30th March Fine Gael launched their Local Election Campaign for the Greystones area of Wicklow County Council. The Launch took place in conjunction with the Euro-Election campaign of Wicklow Deputy Simon Harris. In the reorganised Wicklow County Council the new Municipal area of Greystones which incorporates the towns and villages of Kilcoole, Newcastle, Greystones. Delgany, Killincarrig and Killadrennan will have six seats. Fine Gael is putting forward a strong team of experience and community activists for this area. Existing councillors Derek Mitchell and Grainne McLoughlin are being…

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Greystones Plan approved but Delgany changes rejected at Council Meeting

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Wicklow County Council approved the Greystones, Kilcoole and Delgany Development Plan at its Monday meeting. Part of the County Managers recommendations was to rezone Stylebawn House, a Protected Structure, in the centre of Delgany for extra housing and some shops. This was rejected by the Councillors and it has reverted to its previous low density zoning. Also Councillors voted to remove any possibility of shopping development on the large IDA site. ‘I was very against shops there as I felt it would result in vacant shops in the centre of…

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Delgany By-Pass

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This short stretch of road will join Delgany Wood to Convent Road and will cut down traffic in Delgany village. It has been planned for 25 years and forms a vital link in the road layout. The Council is short of money and in September it was doubtful that it would go ahead. I felt that if it was needed 25 years ago it was needed even more now as the population has at least doubled since then. I pushed hard to get it started and am glad work has…

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Pedestrians at Risk

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  Recent works on the R762 close to Delgany National school have narrowed the footpath and made it less safe for walkers especially children walking to school. The path lacks an edge and it merges into the narrow road. The third stage of the Delgany Traffic Calming works is to deal with this and I am calling for this to be immediately implemented as we have been waiting too long for it.

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Delgany Heritage Plan Support

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The Delgany Community Council held a meeting in the Wicklow Arms on Tuesday night to press for Heritage village status. Over 50 people attended and discussed the features which should be protected and how to go about it. I think that Delgany is attractive and that the atmosphere and character of the buildings and streets should be preserved. I am happy to assist the Delgany Community Council try to get Heritage Village Status. 11 items are listed for preservation and the village already is an Architectural Conservation Area. and we…

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