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Charlesland and Eden gate Bus shelter requested

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Dublin Bus attended the January meeting of Greystones Town Council and I raised the need to provide a bus shelters at Charlesland and Eden Gate directly with them. They said that they had a budget this year and would install shelters in a number of different locations which we asked about. This included Charlesland and Eden Gate. Hopefully this will now happen this year.

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Footpath from School to Newcastle Village

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This path from St. Francis National School to the village is finally complete. 9 years ago, when I was first elected to the Council, I started pressing for this as I considered that there should be a footpath from the village to the Primary School. Also many children from the Church Lane area have to get down the road to get the bus to Kilcoole schools. The century old footpath had been worn away by traffic and walking was very dangerous. Walking to school is good for the fitness and…

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Wreath laid at Armistice Day Celebrations at Ieper, Belgium

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I attended the Armistice Day Commerations on the 11th November in Ieper and Messines, Belgium on the 90th anniversary of the Armistice, which ended the first World War, being signed. I laid a wreath at the Island of Ireland Peace Park, Messines in commemoration of WicklowMen who died in the Great War. The Mayors of Cork, Waterford, Tipperary, Kerry and some Northern Ireland Councils also laid wreaths. Bands from Cork and Tipperary and a choir from Tipperary provided music at this ceremony. President Mary McAlese and Queen Elizabeth opened the…

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Speech at launch of ‘Newcastle Down the Years’

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As Cathaoirleach of Wicklow County Council I am delighted to have been asked to launch this interesting book on the history of Newcastle. It is difficult to envisage that from 1180 to 1542 Newcastle was a very important place as it was a fortified military and judicial centre of what became to County of Wicklow in 1606. Three kings (Richard 2, Charles 1, James 2) all stayed here. This town was based around the Church, Royal Castle and Leabeg Lane, then known as the ‘Kings Way’ to Wicklow Town. The…

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Potential need for extra Primary School Capacity

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Report by: Cllr. Derek Mitchell, Mayor Greystones. March 2007. (087-2574969) During discussions on the school site at Charlesland it struck me that building an 800 person school on the 5 acre site and moving the 350 person St Brigits school onto it would only increase primary school capacity by 450 people. I wondered whether this would be enough bearing in mind that the town expanded from 12,000 population in 2002 to 17,000 in 2007. 20,000 can be expected by 2010. Also there about 1,500 people in surrounding ares of Kilpeddar,…

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