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Council asks for Changes to the Film Studio Site in Greystones.

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The Media Campus has applied for permission to build a large, 73,000 sq.m, film studio on land is Greystones. The planners have asked for ‘further information’ effectively a request to redesign some non fundamental aspects: Delgany Greenway. They have to redesign to allow this along the Three Trout Stream as the original plans did not. I asked for this condition and am pleased it has been put in. More detailed aspects of 2 of the large buildings impact on nearby homes and possible amendments. Additional planting to enhance and protect…

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Dublin should not slow down Wicklow Buses

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Cllr Derek Mitchell has asked Dublin City Council not to halve the speed of Wicklow Buses in the City Centre as is proposed. The journey time of buses to the city centre is already too long and proposals to slow them to 30 kph on the main roads would be worse. Cllr Mitchell, who is Chair of the Wicklow Transport Committee, has written to Dublin Council asking that the route of the 84X, 133, Wexford bus and Aircoach to the airport & City Centre should not be reduced to 30…

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Greater priority needs to be given to buses from outer suburbs on city centre streets

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Buses should have priority on Dublin Streets. Greater priority needs to be given to buses from outer suburbs on city centre streets. The recently published Dublin Mobility Plan provides increased space on City Centre Streets for cycling and walking, especially around College Green. The significant population expansion of the Greater Dublin Area has mostly taken place in further out suburbs as the centre has not expanded much. Walking & cycling are only suitable for commuting short distances. The LUAS which has taken up much road space in Central Dublin, including…

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Offshore Windfarm progress welcome but concern about visual impact of Bray & Kish Bank ones

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I welcome today’s announcement that 7 projects are decided as Relevant Projects to move forward to the next consent stage. We need to use the wind resources to save carbon. However I am concerned about the visual impact of the Bray & Kish Bank one. The development of a large windfarm with a smaller visual effect, well out to sea, should take priority over a small one with a larger visual effect. There should be a limit to the visual effect permitted in towns. In 2005 the Codling windfarm obtained…

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Irish Rail tender for Design of Drogheda DART & Greystones Capacity Improvements

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On Thursday Irish Rail has gone to tender to do the detail design of the DART expansion on the Coastal line from Drogheda to Greystones. For the first time this includes ‘increases to the capacity of the Bray to Greystones section’ . ‘I am delighted that this is now included in the DART upgrade plan. Originally this was not included and I wrote a paper, launched by Minister Simon Harris, on how it could be done in 2018 by partially double tracking it’. The tender is to design the track,…

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Submission to Consultation Process on Marine Planning & Development Bill with reference to Offshore Renewal Energy, Marine Planning Regime and marine leisure.

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I made a submission in early January but feel more is needed after the Consultation session in Arklow where I briefly made the following points: Windfarms Visual impact. I represent the Greystones Municipal District and am concerned about the Visual Impact of proposed windfarms from the land. Particularily on large towns that face the sea and place significant emphasis on maintaining an attractive vista from promenades and piers such as Greystones & Bray. These towns have made significant investments in the seafronts and vistas. Also from coastal walks such as…

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Cairn permission for 294 homes in Charlesland

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Cairn has got permission for 124 houses and 170 apartments in Charlesland, 10% of which will be Social ones 2,700 sq. m of Community Enterprise Centre & offices are required to be built first. I asked Bord Pleanala to get this built first as developers only seem to want to build houses in Greystones. I wrote a paper in 2005 with the Chamber of Commerce about the need for this place for start up businesses and it was then incorporated into the zoning requirements. We need jobs so we don’t…

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Mitchell calls for N11 study to more thoroughly study Rail & Bus alternatives

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Transport Infrastructure Ireland are managing the study of the N11 enhancements and gave a presentation to the Council’s Transport Committee. Cllr. Derek Mitchell, Chairman of the committee said ‘I am disappointed that the study has not been redirected to study rail enhancements to reduce car usage. They are studying some bus lane issues but the rail line is virtually empty at rush hour. A proper study of these alternatives should show that the scale of N11 enhancement could be much reduced if more people used the bus & train. Providing…

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