Objection to 586 units close to Temple Carrig School

The scheme needs to be reduced in scale and number of units. The population of Greystones together with granted and commenced development is greater than planned in the EMRA population targets. This is a peripheral site to the town which is the furthest out part of the Greater Dublin Area Metropolitan Area. It should not be developed at such high density in contravention of the Development Plan. The number of units, especially apartments, should be reduced.

Visual Impact. The apartments are located in the most visually intrusive part of the development, they should be sited at the lowest level to reduce visual impact. Few cyclists could be expected to cycle up the steep hill to them. The Action Plan requires the visual impact on the hill to be reduced.

Impact on adjoining land and housing. The ‘Coolgad Action Plan’ requires ‘appropriate links and transitions of scale… with lands adjoining the boundary’. Land to the North and West is low density farmland used for sheep. The Plan provides no transition of scale, indeed putting the apartments at the North West corner provides the most extreme contrast of scale. A secure boundary is required if agriculture is to continue on the adjoining land.

ABP required, point 5, that cross sections be submitted clearly indicating the sites relationship with adjoining landholdings. I could not find any in relation to lands to the North & West and the houses do not appear to be marked on the maps. Examining the site from Templecarrig Cottage, with extensive frontage immediately to the North, it appears that the car park entrance/bin area to the apartments is level with the roof peak and it will all be overlooked. Cairn appear to have been discussing this plan with authorities for 2 years but have made no contact with the neighbours in that house to talk about the plans. I am also told that applies to the other adjoining neighbours around that area.

The Waverly estate is marked on maps with some sections. These seems to show a wooden fence behind that estate. Building on the steep slope West of them must require a retaining wall as during heavy rainfall a lot of water comes down the hill. A retaining wall must be provided as well as good landscaping.

Templecarrig Cottage. The Action Plan states that ‘the residential amenity of existing & future adjoining properties shall be protected’. This has not been done.

The boundary is stated to be native hedgerow retained and increased. There is a ditch with some trees and some barbed wire now. A solid wall at least 2.5m high is required along the road possibly with hedging, maintained by the housing estate. At a minimum it must be secure 2.5m high fencing such as ‘harris fencing’. The boundary plan shows type 4 & 6 as 2m high solid walls in the houses at the edge of the estate. A higher version is required to provide a secure boundary. A gate should be provided to allow access to the house & farmland from the new road. That field can be wet with water running off the hill, suitable surface water drainage should be provided as the development may make it worse. Water & Electricity reach the house across the Cairn’s fields with way leaves and need to be rerouted.

Sports Facilities.

The playing pitch is to be grass, unfenced and unlit. This represents a low gain to the community in the area from a very large development. There will be dog dirt and broken glass from drinkers. It cannot be used in the evenings in Winter, when most needed, and will have security issues. The Councils Shoreline facility has a grass pitch, fenced, and unlit and has very limited use compared to the  artificial surface, lit mini soccer pitches and tennis courts. The Dr Ryan Park in Greystones has problems with drinkers & broken glass as it is unfenced. Temple Carrig school has a heavily used artificial surface, lit, fenced pitch which is used heavily by community groups in the evening & weekends.

Councillors have asked repeatedly over many months for officials to discuss the best option with Cairn and the school who are experienced in managing a good heavily used facility next door but refused  to do so. I am totally opposed to the officials agreeing with these proposals. It must be a condition that the pitch will be fenced, floodlit with a suitable artificial surface. This is the minimum required in the Metropolitian Area of the GDA where high density is being imposed.

Summary. The plan needs to be redesigned with less apartments but moved lower down the hill. It needs conditions attached on proper boundaries and a proper sports facility. It does not conform to the ‘Coolagad Action Plan’.

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