Windfarms should set up Interpretive Centre in Greystones

Greystones will be ‘Windfarm Central’ with the Codling Bank & the Dublin Array ones meeting offshore, some of the largest windfarms in Ireland. It is vital that this benefits the town and it is connected to them. I asked a year ago for one or both to set up an Interpretive Centre in Greystones with a view of the windfarm. So far they have made no commitments. I visited the Rampion Windfarm Visitors Centre in Brighton, UK, to learn about this. I was very impressed with its educational & visitor value including:

  • Augmented Reality of going up the towers.
  • Models of special ships and films of the dramatic erection of the turbines.
  • An electronic display dealing with aspects of it with a quiz to say why things were done that way including the about 16 mile underground connection cable, why site the windfarm there. Very good for curious people.
  • Bright and cheerful with facilities & papers for children. They get teachers along, explain it and arrange school visits.
  • 2 staff to assist & explain displays.
  • Also displays dealing with the need for windfarms.
  • Explanations of local groups who have benefited from the local funding.

We are going to have to look at these turbines for a long time so Greystones, Kilcoole & Newcastle MUST benefit from this. The windfarms are necessary to get carbon free electricity which can be generated at low cost on these shallow offshore banks.

I would also like to see subsidised trips to see the construction of the turbines which will be dramatic.

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